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2022, What it do?

It's 2022, and we want to thank everyone who supported us all 2021. The performances, new connections, and good energy have been inspiring to say the least. We step into 2022 with renewed focus, new goals, and positivity. We have the 5 Deadly Venoms show on 1/15 at Curiosity Coffee Bar with a few amazing artists- Tam the Viibe, Toni Esther, Milah, and DJ T-Mobile. Kenya shut down Curiosity at Black Nerd Mafia's PAJAMAs and POETRY Night back in November. It was a movie to say the least. It's onward and upward with collaborations with OG Bey Harris, Toni Toni Choppah, Sean Wreckless, Myrts Son, Toni Esther, Tam the Viibe, and wherever the vibe moves us. New projects, visuals, collabs, and even production is on the horizon.

We ready.

Much Love,

Lady T

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