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Songs I Would Pay Erykah Badu to Sing for Me

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The Alphabet

Baby Shark Doo Doo

Never Gonna Give You Up

Ice Ice Baby Ghostbusters

Freak Like Me

Girl You Know It's True

Those Hootie & the Blowfish bangers from the 90s


The Barney Song

Who Let the Dogs Out

Eye of the Tiger

Any Flo Rida song

That song from Ghost

Amazing Grace


Any song that girls use to wear out in talent shows growing up

End of the Road

My Girl


I Wanna Be Down

Gangster's Paradise

No Scrubs

The National Anthem

Don't Stop Believing

Any damn thang.

Are y'all watching Ms. Badu's "Quarantine Concert Series"?

Part III goes live on tomorrow at 7pm EST. $3 for entry.

✌🏽💜 - Lady T

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