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Where Brooklyn At?

Four days ago I heard this beat from one of my favorite producers, EpC (producer of "Cocoa Butter" by myself and Kenya). Once I heard that beat drop :: insert Jill Scott stank face :: I knew I had to send it to Kenya. It wasn't my place to jump on that track being from the South. In "Home", Kenya explores the love and comfort of where she grew up. Truth be told, we wouldn't be who we are without the influence of the people, the culture, and the love of where we are from. New York is one of those places that foreigners call out when referencing the United States. It's larger than life. Kenya would not be Kenya without that Brooklyn heart. While "Home" explores the love of home and family, it also explores that sinking feeling we get when we return to a familiar place but don't fully recognize it as we once knew it. As gentrification grows, we are left wondering where we can go when culture and love gives way to coffee shops and profits. "Where Brooklyn At!!" indeed.

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