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"Creativity is about finding your own unique way of fitting into the continually repeating human experience." - Questlove, Creative Quest

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Lady T the Fire Sign



Check out my latest full-length music project, a collaboration with Atlanta-based producer, Sean Wrekless. This album is pure hip-hop and a master class in production and lyricism. Available wherever you stream music and YouTube.


Differences is a movie about love and redemption, now available for free on Tubi. I am featured in this movie with a performance of my original song, "Nameless."  Another Kinetically Unique classic, "Rue," is also featured in this film.

Image by Jan Huber


Photography allows me to quietly capture the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. I love photography shoots in nature and the truth found in an unexpected candid shot.


Instrumentation/Music Production

My heart is currently with the keys. There is nothing quite like live instrumentation. To be able to create music with nothing more than a spark, thought, or meditative wave of peace is to "produce music." Improvisation and the creative freedom of applying musical theory has been a joyful experience. Peace!!!

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